The best PrestaShop themes [2018]

If you’re looking for the best theme for your PrestaShop website, you won’t find it on Addons or any other marketplace.


Sites like Addons, Themeforest, Templatemonster and similar are full of beautiful themes, it’s true, but they all have so many limitations.

Usually in Addons, themes are very expensive and authors don’t give you very quick support if you need it, generally.

If you’re serious with your project, you’ll need to modify most themes in the future to scale your website. Or buy several premium modules that probably will cost you hundreds of dollars.

My 2 favourite themes includes amazing structure and modules that allows you do lots of customization without investing any extra dollar.

Both themes have a comunnity of thousand of users, but they’re not selling on those famous sites.

The one that I used the most is Transformer.

Panda is another very similar theme. The differences between Transformer and Panda are basically con some design options, but they are almost the same.

People talk and ask me about Wharehouse… Well, I used it some years ago, but in my opinion, Transformer and Panda are much more flexible, so I prefer them because I always think on a project in the long-terms.

Let’s talk about Transformer PrestaShop theme

the best theme for prestashop 1.7 Transformer

You can read all its technical details here, because in this post I’ll tell you why Transformer theme is to me the best theme to use in your ecommerce, and why is the only theme I’m using since 2014.

Transformer is, as the name sugests, a chameleon.

Every estructure and/or design you can imagine, you can develope it using Transformer (or Panda).

Transformer (and Panda) can avoid you investing hundreds of money in customized development, because they have so many possible hooks where you can insert every type of content you want.

This are all the homepage positions you can use on your website with this themes:

flexible hooks prestashop theme

Imagine combine all these hooks with diverse type of contents:

  • blocks of text,
  • columns,
  • icons and other graphics,
  • banners,
  • videos,
  • subscription boxes,
  • product sliders,
  • product grids,
  • sliders,
  • social modules…

Even, the last release includes and is integrated with the famous Visual Composer module, so if you’re familiar with that module/plugin, you can make everything you imagine!

Visual Composer for Transformer PrestaShop theme

Proffessional design, active in minutes

Another of the reasons to be my favourite is the «one-click demo installation«. You can create your PrestaShop website from the scratch, or you can choose one of the included demos, and continue configurating according to your chosen dessign.

This is a great way to save hours and hours creating the content blocks. I love demo preinstallations!


More than a responsive theme

You can configure different views for desktop and mobile in almost every module.

Even hooks works in a different way if users connect to your website through desktop, tablet or mobile.

Want to see some design and structure demos? Click here.



Facilities for on-page SEO

Thanks to the Advanced Custom Content module, you can create all the text content you want at the homepage, the categories/subcategories pages, product pages, contact page, the CMS and almost every place you can imagine.



In my experience, the authors are the bests giving technical support, in time and efficiency. A large community of thousand of users throug more than 5 years, can tell you the same.

Transformer and Panda are both mature themes you can trust:

prestashop 1.7 best theme

Panda theme for Prestashop 1.7

Of course, they count with very active forums, one for each theme. 

And you’ll have a very complete documentation, in text, images and videotutorials:

best prestashop theme documentation


Do you want to see some real ecommerce that have been made with Transformer and Panda? Take a look here.

Dan Guerrero
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